Flight planning, Permits and FAA authorizations

When we work with you, we are on the same team!

We know the drill. We help plan flights so that they are safe and legal. We coordinate with local film offices, law enforcement, state parks, private properties, the coast guard and the FAA. 

In all our planning, safety comes first.

Scaleable operations

From the simple to the complex

From a single drone pilot capturing footage, to a crew of three: Pilot, Camera Operator, Focus Puller, we can do it. We bring in Visual Observers and extra crew as needed based on complexity. We can also cover larger actions with multiple coordinated drones.

Night time operations!

We are authorized by the FAA to fly missions at night!

Our CFR 14 Part 107.29 Daylight Waiver allows us to explore the beauty of night skies!  What’s not to love?  The mystery of night-time, the jewel like quality of the lights and the tall buildings in parallax – brilliant monuments to what we can accomplish when working together! 

Documentaries, Commercials, Corporate, Broadcast and Features

We are experienced film and video professionals who speak the language of visual storytelling.  And we deliver beautiful, professional results.

McAffee project

Flying at McAffee HQ

Barking Buddha project

Overhead shot during the Barking Buddha project

Port of Oakland project

Footage from dual operator shoot with Steve Davy, Camera operator